During the excursion you will see the wonderful national park “Machakhela”, you will have the opportunity to explore the unique nature of Ajara, visit unforgettable places and of course taste traditional georgian delicious dishes and wines. Also, guests will be offered a master class for the production of cheese, khachapuri and national Georgian dishes.
I – The village “Mirveti” is located in a picturesque ravine. You will enjoy a breathtaking view of beautiful waterfall,Queen Tamar’s arched bridge and the magnificent relict forest of Colchian boxwood.
I I – The Monument of “Weapon”. Ancient weapon and a special thing, the pride of the inhabitants of Machakhela, it was made by local residents during the war with Ottoman Empire.
I I I – “Gvara” Fortress. From the fortress you will have a wonderful overview of the valley. In the course of the excavation was found that the “Gvar” Fortress was built in the 5-6th century AD.
The fortress was actively used in the 8th – 14th centuries. Owning it, it was possible to control the valleys of the Machakhela and Chorokh rivers, as a result of which the path to the Black Sea was under control.
IV – The arch bridge “Tsemlar”, preserved from the 12th century, harmoniously complements the picturesque landscape. Century after century, the man-made bridge turned into a natural transition connecting the banks of a mountain river. The man-made bridge turned into a natural transition connecting the riversides of a mountain river.
V – On the way to the upper Chhutuneti you will meet a beautiful waterfall, consisting of three tiers.
VI – After that you will see one of the most beautiful places in Chhutuneti called “Kedi”.
VII – Museum Chhutuneti. In the local museum there are interesting exhibits, room- model of the ancient dwellings of local residents, silver jewelry – a dowry of local brides. The village Chhutuneti is located on the border with Turkey, on the adjacent mountainside is visible Turkish village.
VIII – Ethnographic excursion into the local residents house, which is already 200 years old.

• Mirveti village
• The Monument of Weapon
• Gvara Fortress
• The arch bridge Tsemlar
• Museum Chhutuneti

• Category: Cultural activities
• Available: All year round
• Duration: 5 – 6 hours
• Group size: Optional

• Transportation via comfortable vehicle
• Certified guide service
• Lunch

The Total Cost Of The Tour Per Tourist From 30 $